Zygmunta 64,
93-331 Łódź

tel.: +48 42 645 31 25; +48 42 645 31 57
fax: +48 42 640 92 89

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We are the first and Poland’s biggest manufacturer of haberdashery products made by means of ultrasounds.
We offer the following products: pasmanteria
  • appliqué designs
  • decorative appliqué tapes
  • satin laces and ribbons
  • hand-woven flowers
  • pleated and gathered tapes
  • locks
We offer more than 400 patterns, that can be made in a wide range of colours, depending on the customer’s needs. We also regularly introduce new designs into our range of products.

Our haberdashery accessories are made using a method of ultrasonic pattern cutting out of synthetic and semi-synthetic fabrics, mainly satin. We also make our haberdashery products of velour, suede, artificial leather, leatherette, fleece, microfibre, and polycotton. We use glass and metal bugles, sequins, pearls or semi- pearls to decorate appliqué designs and decorative tapes.

  • Bugles, pearls and sequins - decorating clothes, shoes or other elements with glass and metal bugles, pearls or semi-pearls, metal and plastic sequins. We have a wide range of colours and sizes of all decorative elements..
  • Laser - cutting patterns and shapes and drawing in fabrics, leather, or wood.
  • Ultrasounds - finishing rims of entrusted fabrics or clothing items. The range of patterns is available in the haberdashery catalogue.
  • Flowers - hand-made or machine-made, from the client’s or our own material. Shapes range from a traditional rose to individually ordered patterns.
  • Non-standard projects - on request we create special accessories for clothes.