Zygmunta 64,
93-331 Łódź

tel.: +48 42 645 31 25; +48 42 645 31 57
fax: +48 42 640 92 89

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P.W. Krespol s.c. is a company that has a long-standing tradition and years of experience. We started our business activity in 1990 as a family-owned company specializing in embroidery services. A new inspiration occurred after two years, which resulted in starting the production of First Communion and Christening accessories. We began with embroidered handkerchiefs and Christening gowns, but today we can be proud of our range of several hundred products, which is constantly expanded and improved.
Since 2000, we have created our own collection of First Communion albs, whereas in the 2012 season we added First Communion dresses. Every year we try to propose new models of albs and dresses, apart from well-proven designs.

The second turning point in the company’s business activity took place in 1994. It was when we introduced a relatively new technology of ultrasonic fabric cutting into the Polish market. Making use of new machines, we started the production of haberdashery products such as laces, ribbons, appliqué designs, and decorative tapes. At present, we have more than 400 patterns of haberdashery articles.
We also use this technology when producing christening, First Communion and Wedding clothes and accessories, as well as articles for parishes. Therefore we can propose unusual designs.

We also offer numerous clothes and fabric ornamenting services, including the laser drawing and cutting of patterns, pictures, photos, letters, and textures.

Over the years we have developed our production facilities, perfectly adapting to our customers’ expectations and market trends. Our wholesale and retail customers perceive us as a reliable and solid company.

We kindly invite you to cooperate with us!